Beverly Graham's Biography

Beverly Graham performs at Benaroya Hall in 2006        Beverly Graham has been a creating and performing artist/musician for more than 35 years. She has extensive experience in sacred settings including the house of healing, death and rebirthing. 

        As a Sound Practitioner, Beverly, combines her skills as a Shaman and Empathetic Intuitive utilizing several healing modalities in Vibrational Synchronizes Resonance Therapy including: Crystal Bowl Toning, Shamanic Sounding, Vogel & Stone Layouts, Radionics, Advanced Theta,  Chakra Alignment, Soul Response Therapy, Tuning Forks, Aroma Therapy & Flower Essences, Reiki for People and Animals, Soul Retrieval, Release & Extraction, DNA Activation, Energetic House Clearing, Spiritual Guidance, Grief  Release, Musical Comfort & Inspiration, Life Transitions and Voice Empowerment. Her primary focus is chakra balancing and connection with Source; clearing blockages, accessing mislaid memories, and reprogramming detrimental life patterns. Beverly also provides Corporate Presentations Seminars, Workshops, and Retreats on service leadership and non competitive team building.  

Beverly Graham performs at Benaroya Hall in 2006        Beverly has recorded seven full-length albums. Her music is haunting, thought provoking, and sometimes just plain fun. As the Founding Executive Director of the largest Outdoor Meal Provider program for the homeless and food insecure in Washington State, Beverly has used her music to feed the hungry, raise awareness, volunteers, and much-needed funds as an inspirational speaker and performer. OPERATION: Sack Lunch has served more than 2 million meals since 1989. Beverly is the 1997 Washington State recipient of the prestigious National American Institute of Public Service “Jefferson Award“ for her humanitarian work. In 1998 she was inducted as a “Giraffe” in The Giraffe Project, an international program that recognizes people around the world who “stick their necks out for the common good”. Beverly was honored as the “Woman of Distinction for 2001, received the 2002 “Seattle Mayors End Hunger Award”, and is a 2004 Thomas C. Wales Foundation Honoree. She has received several other community based awards and nominations for service, inspiration, and as a peacemaker. Beverly is an 2006 invitational graduate of the Seattle University’s Executive Leadership Program and has composed the theme songs used by the Moyer Foundation and Boeing Employees Community Fund. Featured on the Hallmark Station, Beverly is a gifted storyteller and a dynamic performer with immense positive energy, insight and vision. Her work in the community on service leadership, team building, and embracing diversity, is moving and stimulating.  Her music, humor, and passion for all of life, linger with you long after her performance is finished. She has an enormous ability to embody being love in action. An article by Dan Fuller states; “standing less than five feet tall, she is a giant to thousands of people who have been touched by her talent and compassion”.   

        Beverly is a certified Sound Healer through the Acusound International School of Holistic Therapies, a Sound Healer Association member and a Universalist Minister. Beverly is one of the four Spiritual Leaders at Unity of Whidbey and a DMS candidate.

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